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Smart Posters
Now, classic advertising posters can get a new meaning and become proper instruments of communication with prospective clients. So, posters could be supplemented with unnoticeable yet active RFIDs placed from the reverse side, which, in turn, interact with PODSIMKA in the clients’ phones. Anyone who is interested in such advertising information can just put the phone with PODSIMKA to such a poster and get a special offer for the purchase of the advertised goods.
How it works: having identified the poster via the active RFID, the system server PODSIMKA in the client’s phone inquires the information concerning the offer from the “owner” of the poster. The offer, having been received on-line, is returned to the PODSIMKA of the client in the form of a virtual coupon, which will be automatically scanned and saved in the phone memory and then used for the goods payment at the checkout.


znak.gifThe key advantage of PODSIMKA for the trading-service enterprises and producers of the goods consists in the possibility of organizing addresses and the efficient distribution of coupons, considerably having reduced the cost of coupon campaigns and having raised the level of the clients’ involvement. As a result of tapping into the possibilities of this product, carrying out of actions will demand considerably smaller costs for processing, which will reduce the risk of losses from fraud and will simplify mutual settlements of accounts between participants.

icon_g3.gifA new communication channel with the client. The program offers an opportunity on a real-time basis to identify PODSIMKA clients, passing within 30 meters from the sales outlet, to analyze their preferences in accordance with the general CRM-database of PODSIMKA and to send immediately address offers directly to the client’s phone.