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A new communication channel with the client
The program offers an opportunity on a real-time basis to identify PODSIMKA clients, passing within 30 meters from the sales outlet, to analyze their preferences in accordance with the general CRM-database of PODSIMKA and to send immediately address offers directly to the client’s phone. This communication channel can be attractive both for small stores in shopping centers and for individual suppliers of consumer goods who wish to attract new customers directly at points of sale.
The promotion could be organized in the way that the client could get the offer only once, and it would be time-limited only in order to motivate the client to visit the store or to buy goods immediately. Such offers appear in PODSIMKA, targeting the prospective customers in the form of a virtual coupon, which will be automatically redeemed after the goods payment at the checkout or will be cancelled on the expiry of the term of the offer.


znak.gifWith the PODSIMKA system, the client has the opportunity to manage his preferences and as a result to get only topical offers. It guarantees to the retailer or supplier of goods that all the offers sent will be interesting to the customer and are likely appeal to him. Thus, PODSIMKA can become for the enterprises of retail trade and the FMCG-companies a unique marketing instrument, attracting clients in “a zone of their reach”. This can result in a substantial decrease in costs for carrying out the promotion and to increase their efficiency.

icon_g4.gifSmart Posters. Now, classic advertising posters can get a new meaning and become proper instruments of communication with prospective clients.