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Marketing (video)
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The rapid pace of new product introduction to the market, combined by product life cycle reduction, requires organizations to conduct the most effective marketing campaigns and far more effective management of communications with clients. To find your own customer, to anticipate his wishes, and to create a unique selling proposition is the keystone of successful promotion.
Information about the client gives a serious advantage in conducting an effective campaign. Formation of clients’ extra motivation helps companies to take the lead and to become the first in the market niche. The complex platform for mobile applications — PODSIMKA — makes it possible for mobile carriers to build an effective channel of communication with the customer by making the customer an active participant of the sales promotion.


icon_g3.gifA new communication channel with the client. The program offers an opportunity on a real-time basis to identify PODSIMKA clients, passing within 30 meters from the sales outlet, to analyze their preferences in accordance with the general CRM-database of PODSIMKA and to send immediately address offers directly to the client’s phone.

icon_g4.gifSmart Posters. Now, classic advertising posters can get a new meaning and become proper instruments of communication with prospective clients.