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Financial services
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Prepaid and accumulative cards
PODSIMKA provides new opportunities for the distribution of gift certificates, movie tickets and tickets for public events. Without leaving the house, the customer can purchase a virtual card or ticket through his mobile phone and give it to another holder of PODSIMKA by simply sending the card to his phone.

znak.gifFor retail chains — issuers of gift certificates, cinemas, stadiums, ticket offices, are all significant advantages associated with the expansion of its customer base, reducing costs for cards manufacturing and their distribution, counterfeiting protection.

znak.gifLoyalty programs based on accumulation and subsequent use of points by the client may also provide additional benefits through PODSIMKA. A new interactive mechanism of contactless transactions attracts customers and motivates them to make a larger number of purchases, including “over the air” ones. A client no longer needs to look for the appropriate card among many others: the necessary virtual card installed into the phone will be found and activated automatically when putting your phone with PODSIMKA to the terminal at the checkout.


icon_g7.gifMobile payments “over the air”. A mobile phone is a handy device, and if it is also a payment card, then it is twice as handy. Contactless bankcards, such as VISA Paywave, and Mastercard PayPass, in the mobile phone: is it possible? Yes!

icon_g6.gifPublic transport fare. Mobility of services conquers new peaks. It is no longer enough to be available 24 hours a day. There is a need for over-the-clock mobility of services that make our lives comfortable, even when it is concerned to everyday fare. Get your fare using the mobile phone with the service PODSIMKA. Now anyone can buy a travel ticket not only in the ticket office or with the driver, but also through the payment terminal, or literally “over the air” by paying for it from your bank account.
icon_g8.gifMobile Banking. Bank by using the menu of a mobile phone. This feature comes in a universal application for any phone models. It combines classic functionality of a mobile bank with the ability to safely conduct any payments.

icon_g9.gifMicropayments and P2P transfers. An innovative tool for e-money systems is the possibility of placing an electronic wallet on PODSIMKA and quickly transferring the funds between customers’ wallets.