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Communication services
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Subscribers of mobile operators who travel abroad can switch from their “home” number to a temporary local number that is automatically provided by PODSIMKA upon entrance into a new country.
Moreover, any outgoing calls from the temporary number, including local, international or within the home network, are charged at competitive rates, not comparable to the previous roaming costs of the home operator. At the same time, the subscriber is always available at his usual number, since PODSIMKA also automatically readdresses incoming calls to the temporary local number. Therefore, incoming calls are also received at the most advantageous prices.
An additional convenience for customers is keeping their SIM-cards. When switching the numbers, it is not necessary to change SIM-cards. Once having installed PODSIMKA on the phone, a subscriber gets access to all operations and settings of the service in the SIM-menu of his phone. At the same time, the application’s functionality and roaming settings of PODSIMKA are updated dynamically and without any participation from the subscriber.


The coverage area of the service is constantly extended and the rates go down as far as direct connection of new mobile operators-partners of PODSIMKA grows worldwide. In turn, the operator-partner is guaranteed that the subscriber who enters the country at the moment of switching on the phone with the service PODSIMKA will be registered in the network of this particular operator and will continue to use his services during the whole period of stay in the country.

icon_g2.gifLong-distance and international calls. The service PODSIMKA helps to save significantly on long distance and international telephone calls.